The Aston Technology GmbH (Ltd.) is one of the leading providers of software and software based hardware components in cooperation with the European Installationbus EIB / KNX.

One of our most important products is the control- and visualisation software WinSwitch 3 as well as the EIB-ISDN- and Ethernet-Gateway ASTON iPort.

More than 5000 projects have been put into practice worldwide with our programs PC-CAD Switch and WinSwitch  since 1989. As a specialist for the EIB the ASTON Technology GmbH has also developed applications for EIB equipment and setup software in customers order. Adjacent to Software development and –distribution hardware components are also developed and produced for the EIB.

WinSwitch 3

Building visualisation under Microsoft Windows for the European Installationbus EIB.

WinSwitch 3 is a Hard- and Softwarepackage for central visualisation-, control-, documentation- and automatisation feeding. It integrates different aspects of technical assembly (electricity, heating, ventilation, clima, satety features) under one user interface.

The current Version 3 of the mature software is now also compatible to Windows Vista. It is delivered with the EIB – Gateway KNX Microserver, an Interface to the EIB-BUS that guarantees automatisation feedings in case of switched off visualisation that is included with the purchase.


ASTON iPort - Type Merlin ISDN/LAN

Gateway between EIB unit and digital telephone networks as well as Ethernet-Networks.


Visu-Switch (EIB operator panel)

Central display and controltableau for the EIB.

visu switch

WinTouch EIB

Panel-PC with touchscreen.

wintouch01 small